Ideas for Employee Appreciation

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Family pictures and holiday cards have started piling up on your desk, plates of holiday treats have begun to appear in the break room, and a few employees have strung up twinkly lights in their cubicles. This means only thing; the holiday season has arrived and with its arrival often comes the pressure for holiday bonuses and the like.


Without a doubt, your employees are valuable. Without them, you wouldn’t be nearly as successful and you may cease to exist at all. So, how do you show your thanks? Here are some ideas to show your appreciation during the holidays (or all year round):

Office Party


We’ve all seen the comical and nightmarish accounts of an office party getting a little out of hand, as portrayed in television and movies, but a party around the holidays can be a great time relax and connect with one another. If you have a planning committee at work or a few people who love to plan events, sit down with them and start exchanging ideas. There are many things to consider, such as making it family friendly or an adults only bash. Although you are planning it around the holidays, be mindful about everyone’s backgrounds. Rather than making it a “Christmas” party, it’s a better idea to make it an end of the year appreciation gathering.

Providing a Meal During the Weekday


While the breakroom tables become crowded with sugar cookies, gingerbread people, peanut butter blossoms, and even a few loaves of fruit cake, your employees are destined to have sugar overkill. A nice way to show that you appreciate all the hard work your employees do is by having lunch catered or offer continental breakfast items in the morning. A quality bagel and a good cup of coffee can go a long way.

Close Early and Offer Pay


Around the holidays, many people end up taking vacation or personal time to spend time with family and friends. Rather than making your employees use up time they already saved up, why not offer a few half days off with pay? Not only will getting out at noon on a Friday, and still get paid for a full day, bring smiles all around, but your employees may be more eager to stay productive. Can’t afford to let everyone go at once? Rotate schedules throughout departments.


Encourage Creativity, Accept Feedback


When your employees feel like their talents are being used and their voices are heard, they will not only be more productive, but may feel more appreciated. Even though you’re the head honcho, your employees are just as valuable as what you’re selling (if not more). Take the time to listen and ask for feedback on a regular basis.

Offering Bonuses


A little extra money at the end of the year is always a nice token of appreciation and while many businesses do it, it’s up to you if you can do it, too. When offering a cash bonus, consider adding a nice personal note or if you want to offer a bonus in the form of an employee benefit, offer some extra time off or a share of the company. Make it personal and make it matter. Empty gestures are just that and your hardworking deserve more.


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