The Importance of Mentorship When Building A Business

The Importance of Mentorship When Building A Business


When it comes to entrepreneurship, many want to start a business but they may find themselves stomped when defining their objective, which is why seeking mentorship has been beneficial in helping others building out their plans. Creating a clear mission is necessary when developing and growing a business. What is it about your business that is special and unique? You may have started a business that solves distinct problems or provides a valuable service. Starting is just the beginning. The work that comes with building, branding, and establishing business goals and a strong team is a whole other ballpark. Develop a clear vision and goal. You can do this by seeking mentorship in the process.


Stay positive!


Having a great idea is only part of your success. Determination and having a strong plan is the key to growing a small business. If you’re serious about growing your business, hang around others who are on a similar journey and already have successful businesses. Ask questions and take lots of notes. Learn from them and feed off the positive energy. Motivate yourself with inspirational quotes on leadership and innovation. You and your dream are worth it, and staying positive is your number one goal as you launch and build. You will have difficult days in the beginning, but negative thinking will get you nowhere!


Find mentorship and funding programs


There are practical ways to grow your small business idea. Here are a few to consider:


Find mentorship Ever watch the show “Shark Tank”? Having a successful business owner offer you tips and mentorship on business development and longevity is powerful. Often we may not have a clear objective in the beginning. Entrepreneurs have creative ideas, but may be limited in time and finances. Learn from those who are successful. Take notes. Go to conferences. It may even be worth it to seek a life coach to help you develop a life strategy.


Look for grants You may be surprised at how many grants are available to small business owners. Do the research! Contact non-profit organizations and investors. Tell your business idea and get the funding you need to grow.


Legal advice. Don’t be afraid to seek out legal advice. A lawyer may help answer all of those questions you have about the legal and financial side of having a business.


Networking is the key


Entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker Jim Rohn once said, “You cannot succeed by yourself. It’s hard to find a rich hermit.” You can’t grow a business without networking. Social media networking may not be enough, especially if you have a small business. Consider joining or starting a meetup for entrepreneurs in your area.  Networking is invaluable when growing and expanding a business.


If you don’t already have a website, you want to invest into one. Many business owners who aren’t code savvy now have WordPress accounts which make it easier to post content to your site whenever you want. You can’t go wrong with strong business cards. Go to a local community fair and set up a table. Have your business cards at hand and introduce yourself to locals. The more personable you are, the better. Be friendly and reach out. You never know what opportunities will open up for you as you step out!